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Step back in time to Nazi Germany and be immersed in a history that will challenge, engage and inspire. The Journey tells the story of Leo, a 10-year-old German Jewish boy growing up in Nazi governed Berlin in the 1930s. His family makes the brave choice to send him to safety on the Kindertransport as a child refugee to the UK. Leo’s story poses the big life questions. Who are we? What gives us identity? How do our choices affect others?

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The Journey app shares digitally the inspirational narrative and themes raised in the exhibition for Key Stage Two pupils (Years 4, 5 and 6). With comprehensive teacher guidance, students nationally are encouraged to reflect critically on acceptance; sources of truth and identity – supporting learning in Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development; History and Religious Education. You will be able to purchase this app for use on an iPad or tablet in the classroom and at home in Autumn of 2019.

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Are you curious about Leo and his journey? Would you like to know more about the history behind his story? The exhibition trail offers adults the historical background to Leo’s journey, access to the life stories and the precious personal belongings it is based on.