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General Public

The Journey exhibition is also extremely popular with adult members of the general public and families. Primary school visits run from Monday to Friday each week during term-time, so the best times for you to visit undisturbed are on a Sundays or in school holidays.

Once purchased, keep your ticket safe, as it will grant you access to the museum’s two award-winning exhibitions, memorial gardens and as many survivor talks as you like for free throughout the year from the date of purchase.

To make the most of The Journey exhibition, ensure that you:

  • Watch the footage of  Leo reading from his diary in every room. Simply go to the kiosk and click the footage you would like to see. Each excerpt gives you a narrative about the stage you are in Leo’s Journey. You will also learn about his thoughts and feelings.
  • Explore each room to its full potential. You will notice that each exhibition space represents a stage in Leo’s journey and replicates how certain rooms would have looked in 1930s Germany.
  • Pick up and examine the objects. One of the reasons this exhibition is so special is that you won’t see the words ‘don’t touch’ anywhere. Artefacts that need to be protected are enclosed. Objects exposed in the rooms are there for you to explore.
  • Watch survivor testimony excerpts using the kiosk in each room. We are very privileged to work with a tireless team of survivors who educate young people about the affects of hate. These testimonies are special because they bring to life the true stories and historical context upon which the exhibition is based.

To make the most of your day, allow at least four hours to explore our two award-winning exhibitions and grounds. Access our what to see page. You can also explore our exhibition tour before, during and after your visit to access more detailed information about the historical context, artefacts and to watch survivor testimonies.