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Primary Schools

Our two ground-breaking learning programmes at the Centre explore identity, propaganda, history, choices and what it is to be human. Leo’s story will help to promote your Key Stage Two pupils’ (Years 5 and 6) spiritual, moral, cultural and mental development. Access a unique and inspiring learning experience for primary schools.

During both learning programmes, our educator will take your pupils on Leo’s inspiring journey. When they return, their learning will have helped them to:

  • understand the effects of isolation and persecution;
  • think independently and critically;
  • understand why it is important to respect themselves and others;
  • develop an understanding of life for Jewish people in 1930s Germany;
  • demonstrate increased levels of tolerance for people with different faiths and beliefs;
  • understand the importance of standing up for what they believe is right; and
  • examine what propaganda is and how it works.

Use the links below to discover detailed information on each learning programme and how they meet National Curriculum criteria.

Complex topics sensitively delivered

Throughout the exhibition, and programme, the later events of the Holocaust are not focussed on with pupils. There is absolute care to ensure that all material is age-appropriate, avoiding the use of traumatising or upsetting images; footage or accounts. We encourage teachers to use pre- and post-visit lesson plans and learning resources in the classroom which similarly reflect this.