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Be inspired to write

Have you a class of budding writers? Would you like to nurture their talent while they explore identity, propaganda, history, choices and what it is to be human? This is a learning programme to fire their imaginations and help them to consider who they want to be. 

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Duration: 4 hours
Suitable for: Key Stage 2 pupils (Years 5 and 6)
Price: £9 per student based on 25+ pupils
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Pupils find this programme truly inspirational. Leo’s journey and historical context gives them the perfect platform to help develop their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Topics include, dictatorship and what it means to be without democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith.

Watch this learning programme in action…


In addition to everything covered on the Take Leo’s Journey learning programme, your pupils will:

Step back in time

Your pupils will explore different types of writing, which will be brought to life when they are transported back to 1938. One of our educators will take them on an interactive tour of The Journey in which they will be challenged to:

  • Write down questions in preparation for the time in the day when they come face to face with a Holocaust Survivor or they see interactive, recorded testimony that enables them to pose their questions.
  • Share ideas with one another.
  • Think independently and reflect on what they see and hear.

Back to the present

Pupils will be brought back to the present by entering our memorial gardens. At this time they will examine the sculptures and roses, considering the stories behind them and their relevance for today and the future.

Writing workshop

At the end of the day, pupils are encouraged to turn this inspirational experience into a piece of significant writing, which they will develop and complete when back in school.

Learning to take home

We will give each pupil a copy of ‘Our Lonely Journey’ to take away and read for further inspiration.