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From Present to Past

The introductory film at the entrance of the exhibition meets the audience at the familiar experience of travelling. Children describe their feelings and thoughts on what the word “journey” means to them. Audiences meet Leo for the first time and see his story in the context of refugee experiences today.

Images of a trek of refugees introduce the topic of journeys that are not made by free choice but are the result of violent oppression. Amongst the refugees, children are also visible.

At this point, child portraits of five Holocaust survivors take the audience from present to past. The violent persecution of Jews by Nazi Germany forced them to leave their families and to seek refuge in Britain. Intimidating images of SA men Burning the Books and Hitler giving a speech are then depicted. These images set the stage for Leo’s first diary entry.

Leo introduces his family living in Berlin, the German capital. He explains that the Nazis have come into power and are starting to make life hard for Jewish people. Leo invites the audience to come and get to know his family life. He explains that they are Jewish.